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Shanghai Shamrock Co., Ltd. (SSC) specializes in the import & export of various kinds of products and technologies, as well as the business of processing with supplied materials and designs, compensation trade, bidding & tending business, and joint venture cooperation.

We were founded in 2004, since the establishment,...........

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Our Service

For operating every project we firstly provide comprehensive analysis, and ensure the provision of satisfactory service in a fair and reasonable under the premise.

Our services are based on customer’s interests, while meeting the interests of the company's own requirements. We firmly believe that only win-win cooperation between the two sides can be successful and smooth completion of each project!

Basic Item

Following is our basic services, as we grow up and develop, we can do everything possible to provide customers with more comprehensive services.

  • Market Research
    In this rich world, we consider that the quality is the most important foundation, so, we can meet client requirements, and search for the most reasonable cost products in the market, and strive to let every client get satisfactory reply for each inquiry.
  • Factory Inspection
    Under the premise of customer’s authorization, we inspect factory before order, after all, all seeing is believing. We meet customer’s requirement, and write production detail carefully, check production equipment, production capacity and the workers' state, and promptly sent back to the customer. We let client make a judgment signing the contract.
  • Product Inspection
    Inspection goods basically divided into production inspection and loading inspection, we always ask factory produce order strictly accordance with customer's quality requirements, if the manufactory has any delay, we will promptly back to the customer, and asked the factory to arrange production strictly in accordance with the customer's delivery time. We inspect goods when producing, and also check them in loading process. We take every key photo of client’s goods to prevent adverse vendor change goods, and make a huge loss to the customer.
  • Booking Container
    We cooperate with associated cargo agent actively, arrange suitable container or space, make sure the goods can be timely reach the designated port or country.
  • Disputes Coordination
    If there is any problem between client and manufactory, we will communicate and coordinate with both of them at the first time, conflict mediation, and strive to achieve the satisfaction of both parties, make ensure the cooperation have perfect ending.

Phone: +86 13564322566      Address: PuDong New Area, ShangHai, China Rd     E-mail:[email protected]

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