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Shanghai Shamrock Co., Ltd. (SSC) specializes in the import & export of various kinds of products and technologies, as well as the business of processing with supplied materials and designs, compensation trade, bidding & tending business, and joint venture cooperation.

We were founded in 2004, since the establishment,...........

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Our Field of Activities

Shanghai Shamrock Group (SSG) has a team of well-trained, experienced, and professional colleague who is familiar with the domestic market and international market, and we also have the mature product marketing network, and a stable base for export goods throughout China. We have a high credit rating at and Chinese Customs, Commodity Inspection and bank, etc. Relying on the advantage based on the main industry, we expand import and export trade of construction products, while expanding the business to Household products, Agricultural products, Textiles, Construction machine, Medical equipment, Information industry and other high-tech, high value-added and product which is compliant to environment protection requirement. Our Products are mainly exported to North America, South America, EU, Middle East, Russia, and South Africa, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions. On the import side, we cooperate with the agent in France, the main imported products are wine, fish meal, wood, industrial materials, etc.

May 27, 2011


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April 20th, 2007


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Phone: +86 13564322566      Address: PuDong New Area, ShangHai, China Rd     E-mail:[email protected]

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